ESKC Supermoto Championship


Race Events

The ESKC Supermoto Championship caters to a wide variety of motorbike classes, running from March to November every year. The championship across tar only and dirt sections depends on the class and only costs £50 to enter.

The race format consists of 3 races for each class throughout the day with a warmup at the start of the meeting and a qualifying session before the races. Entries are open until 6 pm on the Friday before the event.  All entries through Alpha Timing. Power Hook up and transponder hire is available through the "Other Products" menu.



All competitors need a Scottish Supermoto Race Membership and SACU Supermoto competitions license to compete and collect championship points. Please see the regulations for more info. Do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice:

ESKC Supermoto Championship Rules

Sporting Code Scottish Supermoto 2022

Scottish Supermoto 2022 Championship Conditions, Standing & Tech Regs