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Sprint Karting at ESKC


Sprint Karts

The senior classes of sprint karts are the fastest things round the circuit at ESKC. We accommodate classes from the age of 6, and there is generally a class of all ages present at our club championship. Just because the class is not listed below does not mean we will not allow it to race. As long as there is a minimum number to form a grid, the class will be catered for.

Sprint karts are a long way off the corporate karts that you can rent at indoor circuits as they weigh much less and have much more power! Below is some information on all of the different classes raced at ESKC. If you are interested in starting racing, please come along to one of our events and have a chat with everyone to see what would suit you best, or get in touch via email on our contact page.

Kart Classes


Age: 6-8 years old

Engine: Comer 50cc

Average Lap Time: 58s

Weight: 69kg

Dry Tyres: Le Cont - All Weather

Wet Tyres: N/A


Age: 8-12 years old

Engine: Honda GX160 4-Stroke

Average Lap Time: 47s

Weight: 103kg

Dry Tyres: Dunlop LS2

Wet Tyres: Dunlop KT3


Age: 12-15 years old

Engine: RotaxMax 125cc (Restricted)

Average Lap Time: 42

Weight: 135kg

Dry Tyres: Mojo D2

Wet Tyres: Mojo W5

Junior Max

Age: 13-16 years old

Engine: RotaxMax 125cc

Average Lap Time: 40s

Weight: 148kg

Dry Tyres: Mojo D2

Wet Tyres: Mojo W5

Senior Max

Age: 16+ years old

Engine: RotaxMax 125cc

Average Lap Time: 39s

Weight: 162kg (177kg Heavy Class)

Dry Tyres: Mojo D5

Wet Tyres: Mojo W5

KZ2 - Gearbox

Age: 16+ years old

Engine: 125cc 6 Speed Gearbox + 30mm Carb

Average Lap Time: 38s

Weight: 180kg

Dry Tyres: Le Cont SVC

Wet Tyres: Le Cont SV1

Winter Series

Typically running from November until February, our track promises races throughout the winter!

Sprint Kart Championship

Running between April and October our Summer Club Championship is a great way to start racing.

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