Supermoto at ESKC

Bikes at ESKC

Supermoto is motorcycle racing on a circuit that combines on and off road sections. ESKC's Supermotor circuit is considered one of the best in the UK holding a round of the British Supermoto Championship annually. The bikes used are a motorcross style with road racing wheels and tyres. The most common are 450cc four strokes, but anything supermoto spec from 125cc 2-stroke to 950cc 4-stroke can be used.

Lots of different classes are catered for from the ages of 7 upwards. Some classes do not use the dirt section and focus on normal circuit racing. Racing is held monthly from March to November and riders of all abilities are welcome. Mini Bikes are now raced at ESKC with a 6 round club championship for the junior and senior classes.

Bike Classes

Junior and senior classes are ran for both types of bikes raced at ESKC, with further sub classes for those not wanting to use the off road sections. The current classes are;

-Junior Minibike - Tar Only

-Adult Minibike - Tar Only

-Adult Minibike - Supermoto

-Junior Supermoto

-Adult Supermoto

-Adult Supermoto - Tar Only


Classes start from the age of 7 and due to the demand for tar only, ESKC will hold a 6 round club championship for junior and senior classes on pit bikes, mini GP and superminis, Bambino 90's and an Adult Open Class up to 200cc 4-Strokes.

Please get in touch with our supermoto representatives to discuss racing at ESKC!

Supermoto Championship

Running between March and November our Supermoto Championship caters for all types of bikes.


Please get in touch with our Supermoto section to get started racing motorbikes at ESKC.